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Stand up for America!

Psalm 91



Help me make a stand for you in Washington!

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We have to see the big picture and that is... this nation, our country needs to come back to its first love – God.

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    My name is Beatrice Nichols, and I would like to formally announce my candidacy for Alabama's 7th Congressional District. 

    I am an Alabama girl through and through.  My mother's side of the family is from Blount County.  They have lived in Alabama since the 1700s when Heinrich Tidmore came over from Frankfurt Germany and settled in Blount County.  His brother Johan or John Tidmore settled in Hale County, Alabama.  Henry and John were brothers, their youngest brother Adam died.  Henry & Adam are both buried in Nectar Cemetery in Blount County.  My grandmother, Beatrice Marie Tidmore (who I am proudly named after) is also buried in Nectar.  Nectar used to be named Tidmoreville because it was settled by the Tidmore family (my mothers family).  We are a proud family of Alabamians going way back to the 1700s. 

   My grandmother, Beatrice married Curtis Drew Hays at a very young age.  Grandaddy Curtis educated himself and became a boilermaker and then boilermaker superintendent over all of TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority).  My mother Linda Drue Hays-Gibbs was their youngest daughter.  My mother's family wasn’t rich, but they were proud and they have lived in Alabama for centuries.  I just wanted to let Alabamians know that I am a true Alabama girl even though I was born in Tennessee - my father's family's stomping ground (Nashville and Old Hickory).  

    I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee.  After my father came home from Vietnam, he began working with TVA and was trained as a plant operator.  My father was then recruited to go to Saudi Arabia to help with their power plants.  My family spent some years in Saudi Arabia while I was young.  We moved to Alabama when I was around 8 years old, then we moved to Moundville, Alabama when I was 13. 

    The 7th district is my home.  This is where I grew up and raised my family.  I am a mother of three children and a proud foster mom. I am married to one of the most hardworking men I have ever known.  And I am a proud American who is ready to stand up for the country I love.      

            I graduated from Hale County High School in 1992 and got married not long after graduation.  I had my first child in 1994 and in 1997, I started classes at a local community college where I received a nursing license.  After graduating, I worked in Tuscaloosa for a local doctor.  I had my second child in 2000 and in 2005, I went back to school.  I attended The University of Alabama for elementary and special education and went on to teach 2nd grade at a local private school for 6 years.  During the time I was teaching, I went back to The University to receive a master's degree in special education.  I graduated in 2011 and had my third child in November of that year. In 2013, I went to work at a local public school as a self-contained special education teacher.  Currently, I am back at The University of Alabama pursuing a doctorate in special education.

            The 7th district is rich with history, diversity, and resilience.  The 7th district encompasses parts of Tuscaloosa, Jefferson, and Montgomery counties.  It also includes Pickens, Sumter, Choctaw, Hale, Greene, Marengo, Perry, Wilcox, Lowndes, Dallas, and Clarke County.  The 7th district is what most would call the Black Belt, an area known for its rich black soil.  The Black Belt is so diverse and unique and has many great places to visit.  From the Mound State Park in Moundville to the Talladega National Forrest to the great historic museums of Selma, the 7th district is overflowing with great history and beautiful landscapes.    


Thank you for your interest in the political candidate Beatrice Nichols for Congress. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.


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