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The Country

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      On the national level, we have an open border that is out of control.  I am all for immigrants coming into our country, but they need to come in legally and be subject to the same laws as American citizens.  At some level illegal immigrants are being treated better than Americans and even better than our Veterans – people who have risked everything to fight for our country.    

      We have mandate after mandate pushed out in some way or another.  We have increased crime throughout the country, especially in the areas that want to defund our police.  Which by the way -I have a very hard time trying to understand? the concept of defunding the police..... Instead of defunding our police, we should be defending them.  They risk their lives every day to keep us safe.   - We also have sanctuary cities where municipal laws are put in place to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation or prosecution, despite federal law. In these effected cities people are afraid to leave their own house because of what's going on right outside their door.    

          Today in this country we have unprecedented censorship around every corner – you can't say what you believe, you can't make a true statement without it being labeled racist or false, you can't tell others your own personal story if it goes against the planned narrative.  This must stop. 

          Another aspect of censorship is keeping the American people in the dark about the true issues at hand.  The newspaper and media we have today is more focused on spreading a certain narrative than they are reporting the truth.  It is sad that we can't trust what we see and hear from our news outlets and media throughout this country.  How can we make good informative decisions for ourselves or our families when we are not hearing the truth?  There has to be accountability and we must demand that the truth is reported.    

          Today in our country it is radical to want to protect life and stand for the unborn.  How dare you want to speak for a life other than the mothers!  The choice of the mother should never be louder than the choice of that baby.  As soon as the mother is pregnant, there are two voices, two heartbeats, two lives, two futures, and two purposes from God -  the voice that is the loudest should never drown out the voice that is screaming as loud as it can inside the womb..... We can never let this continue.  We have to speak truth in grace and not back down or let them lessen the worth of any life no matter how they try to decrease its value.  All life is precious to God so all life should be precious to us, and we should speak to that effect.

          Our voting process is under attack.  I never thought I would question the integrity of our election process, but I do, and I am sure many of you do as well.  If our vote doesn't count then we no longer have a country for the people by the people because our voice – our vote doesn't matter.  We must never stop until we are absolutely sure we have integrity in our voting process, or our country will be lost forever.

          Our right to defend ourselves is under attack daily.  We have to stand for our God given right to defend ourselves and our family.  I will always stand for our 2nd amendment rights.  We cannot let our rights be taken away because once their gone – we won't get them back.  Some in Washington want people to think the only reason we need guns is to go hunting.  We have to be able to arm ourselves in case our freedoms are threatened, and that day seems like it could come at any time.  Look at the situation in Ukraine – those people need and are begging for a way to defend their country.  The 2nd amendment is so much more than hunting and Washington knows it.  They want us obedient and the first thing they need to take from us --to have that happen ---is our right to defend ourselves, our families, and our freedoms. 

The District

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         Our district is plagued with poverty, unemployment, and crime especially in places like Perry, Greene, Lowndes, Wilcox, and Dallas counties.  In some of these counties, children do not have clean drinking water.  The schools are closing because people are leaving in search of jobs and good schooling for their children.  Throughout the district our small towns are crumbing before our eyes.  There are no opportunities for our young adults, and they are having a very hard time finding work in the area they live.  Our current representative for the 7th district comes and speaks at the entrance of a historic bridge about all the good things that are happening in our district – using the Edmond Pettis bridge as a backdrop for publicity when not more than 50 yards away there is unimaginable poverty where living conditions are paralleled to some third world countries. 

          Education in this area is much to be desired.  Most children who graduate – if they graduate- are reading below a 5th or 6th grade level, writing levels are even lower and most are not educated enough to fill out an application for work.  This is a big problem.  If we don't have educated workers in this area we can't expect companies to come to our area. 

          Education is our biggest problem to face.  We have to make education a top priority not only in the 7th district but in our state.  We have to raise our expectations-  not lower them – children will meet our expectations, but it will take work and accountability.  When we have students ready to graduate, we must support them through several different steps to help them be successful. Most graduates in the 7th district might not have a parent who has gone to college so they are unaware of what to do to be successful and as a community we must walk with them through that process so they can be successful.  Education effects poverty, unemployment, crime rate, and industry in our area.

          I don't claim to have all the answers.  But I know where to look for answers – God, the Constitution, and the people of this district.  We are living in a time where Washington thinks they know better than us.  We are the people, and we know what's best for our country.  It is time we take it back and let Washington know we mean business.  I am sick and tired of them talking bad about our country.  This country is great, and we are a nation of fighters, a nation of believers, a nation of that perseveres. a nation of hardworking men and women.  We can overcome this mess, but we have to do it together and we have to stop letting Washington divide us in every way they can.  As Christians we must speak the truth in love and stand firm on what God says is right – never wavering.  It is time to take a stand for what we know is right and do it in a way that will lead people to the only one who can solve all of our problems and that is Jesus -  not our government.  We have to see the big picture and that is this nation, our country needs to come back to its first love – God. 

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