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“The November 8th election is quite possibly the most important one of my lifetime. It’s this simple, our country is at a tipping point. We have an opportunity to take back the House and Senate to stop the insanity in Washington DC and start to take our country back. We need every Republican we can get. Alabama is a conservative state. We believe in the value of hard work, the value of life and the vital importance of freedom from government overreach. We believe our rights are given by God and not government. Because Bea Nichols believes this too, it is my honor to endorse her for Congress. She will fight for the unborn and for our 2nd Amendment rights. She will fight for Alabama values in Washington. I ask the people of district 7 to please send Bea Nichols to DC to help me and other Republicans fight the progressive agenda. Together we can save our nation.” —Rep. Barry Moore AL02
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Standing with America and the American people, I signed the America First Alabama pledge along with fellow candidates who value our country and community.

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"In a time where we see so many politicians out to serve themselves, the Alabama Republican Assembly is honored to endorse Bea Nichols for Congress. She is a true servant leader with a passion for our children and the future. Bea will go to Washington to work for the people, to defend our religious freedoms and constitutional rights, and restore our economic prosperity."

Don Wallace, President ALRA

"It is urgent that we elect representatives to Congress who will actively work to restore, uphold, and defend our natural God given right to self-defense, and Freedoms as affirmed by the Constitutions of Alabama and these United States. Let's make District 7 stand for Freedom and Liberty. We hereby endorse Beatrice Nichols for Alabama Congressional District 7."

Eddie Fulmer President and Founding Member BamaCarry

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