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Why I am running...

Updated: May 2, 2022

People ask me all the time- why am I doing this? And at first I would say because my mother was upset because she had no choice the last time she went to vote... but the more I think about it the more I realize I am doing this because I am mad! I am really upset, or you could say furious about what is going on in my country. I am mad because certain people are trying to tell me how to live, what to put in my body, how and what my children should learn, what I should say, who I should socialize with, what I should think, who I should like or not like, or what I should believe.

Who are they to tell me what to do! This is my country! They are supposed to be listening to me, they are supposed to be representing me! They work for us- they should be listening to us. Our voice should matter, our concerns should matter, our ideals should matter, but they don't. I am mad and I am mad enough to fight. I am mad enough to step up however that looks. We all need to be mad.

We all have to get mad – mad enough to step up to vote- mad enough to talk to others about things that matter. We should all be speaking out about what this government is pushing on us. We should not be ok with being censored. We should not be ok with them thinking they know what is best for our children. We should not be ok with our freedom of speech being threatened. We should not be ok with them considering taking our right to defend ourselves away. We should not be ok with thousands of illegal immigrants coming into this country daily. We should not be ok with gas prices. We should not be ok with the price of our food going up!

They want us to depend on them. They want us obedient. They want us scared. They want us confused and divided.

There are certain people in Washington who want to divide us. They want us hating each other. They want us divided, weak, and scared. They want to destroy the America we love! They want to remain in power, and it doesn't matter how they do it – even if it means fundamentally changing our America AND THEY ARE TRYING TO DO JUST THAT! As long as they can divide us and have us fighting each other then they win. We have to unite, and we all need to get mad. Mad enough to do something about it. We cannot sit back anymore. We have to take a stand just like we did long ago when we left England, just like we did when we were tired of being ruled from afar. We have to take a stand just like we do when others around the world are being mistreated. We defend others – its time to defend America from people who want to destroy us!

Washington wants to destroy the America I grew up in – not in a million years did I think I would live in a country that wants us to dishonor/disrespect our police or teach our children to hate with CRT in our schools. I never thought our borders would be open to anyone and everyone. And now they want to give money to the immigrants who come in this country illegally. I never thought America would be ok with hating or looking down on others over masks or vaccinations or different beliefs. That is not my America! I am sick of hearing people criticize our history and say we have not come as far as we have. We are the greatest Nation in the world. We have had our ups and downs, but we have always learned from our mistakes. We have to learn from this as well. We have to stand up and fight! We have to get mad!

I think most people think our freedoms will never be stripped away. I think most people think – never in America, right? Most people do not feel threatened enough. They will not stand up because they don't feel like they have to.

I know, not so long ago, the Jewish people never thought they would be separated from their children. They never imagined they would be led one by one to a furnace. They never thought they would be led to concentration camps and stripped from their clothes and families. What happened to the Jewish people happened slowly. They're rights, belongings, freedoms were slowly taken from them. They didn't realize what was happening until it was too late. They were made to wear a star, they were made to be obedient, they were ridiculed for their beliefs. They were belittled for who they were. Hitler caused division and slowly encouraged division and obedience. This history is hard to remember and sometimes people erase it from memory, but this happened – thousands of precious people were murdered and the things that happened to result in thousands of lives being lost – those things happened slowly right in front of them. They let it happen because they believed it would never happen.

So, to answer your question; Why did you start this journey? I am mad and I will stay mad until I see the people that hate our country out of places of authority. I want people who represent us to love this country as much as I do. I also get asked, what are the things I am running on? I am running on protecting our freedoms. Freedom of speech, freedom and right to defend ourselves, the freedom to disagree, the freedom to choose what is right for me and my family, the freedom to speak out. I am running on uniting our country. I am running not only an America first platform but also an Alabama first platform. Our zip code should not be our destiny. Alabama has been on the back burner far too long. It's time we were heard and it's time we were included in the conversation. I know about the hospital issue in Pickens. I have heard about the sewage problem in Lowndes County. I also am well aware of the crime in Dallas County and the lack of jobs in many, many counties. Ya'll these problems are my problems. I am tired of the people in Alabama being ok with just getting by. I will be your voice. No matter your color, background, or beliefs – I will stand up for you because YOU are my country, YOU are my Alabama, YOU are important.

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